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Mentor Graphics (MENT) is a world leading supplier of Electronic Design Automation software. The company has been public since 1984.

Stamps.com (STMP) is the leading provider of Internet-based postage solutions. The company has been public since 1999.

Will Vinton Studios, an Academy Award nominated animation studio, was acquired by Nike founder Phil Knight and renamed Laika Entertainment in 2005.

Sensoria, a leading supplier of wireless mesh networking equipment, was spun out of UCLA in 1999. It was acquired by Tranzeo Wireless in 2006.

Sirigen provides High Sensitivity Fluorescence technology that simplifies processing and screening in both immunodiagnostic and nucleic acid based applications. It was spun out of UCSB in 2005.

Open Market was one of the companies that created Internet Commerce. It was spun out of MIT in 1993, went public in 1994, and was acquired by Divine, Inc. in 2002.

13Therapeutics is a peptide therapeutics company with an innovative system for developing anti-inflammatory and immune system dysfunction drugs. It is an OHSU spinout.